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Why Should You Be Worried About Companies That Guarantee SEO Results?

When you are looking for an organic SEO company in Minnesota, you might spend some time looking at various websites of these SEO providers. It is probable that you will encounter most of them offering guarantees of reaching the first page (if not the number one rank) on the search results page. When you hear these promises, you might be relieved. In your mind, you are glad that your search has finally come to an end. You have found the one company that will realize your SEO goals. But have you? It is time to delve deeper into these promises – they are just that, promises. You need to be smarter about evaluating the promises given by SEO companies or you could stand losing more than what you can afford.

To make it simple: no SEO Minneapolis company can realistically guarantee results. There are far too many variables involved with SEO and Google for an organic SEO company to make such bold claims. That can promise to try to help you reach the first page of Google, but they cannot guarantee yet until they have put in the work.

In fact, they won’t be able to make guarantees without knowing what your business is about and what niche you belong in. SEO is more than just about working on your own website. Off-page SEO is just as important in determining your success so you cannot put your egg in one basket and focus on on-site optimization alone.

You know you are dealing with a reputable and honest SEO Minneapolis Minnesota company when they refuse to make guarantees. Here are some reasons to ponder:

Personalizing Search

Over the past few years, Google has updated their algorithm such that the results for a given search will differ if you are signed into your Google account versus when you are not signed in. Google’s algorithms make appropriate changes based on your location, preferences, and search history. These signals influence the search results. Therefore, it adds another layer of variability to the search engine optimization process that no one, not even the best SEO Minneapolis MN firm can pinpoint exactly how to identify.

Constantly Evolving Algorithm

This is another factor that makes SEO complicated: Google constantly introduces updates to its search algorithms. The reasoning behind this is that Google wants to evade tactics and SEO techniques employed by companies and website owners to manipulate the algorithm. It is therefore like a mythical holy grail that website owners have to constantly seek after.

Not All Websites Are the Same

One of the reasons why SEO companies can make such confident claims about helping your website reach the top of Google ranking is that they follow a certain formula. However, formulaic approaches to SEO will never work. Even if it did, a formula that worked on one website cannot guarantee the same results for another website.

The next time you encounter an organic SEO company that claims to help you reach number one in Google, it might be best to evaluate their own website. Are they ranked number one on Google too? If they cannot get their own website ranked, how would you expect them to do the same for you?


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