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To Repair, or Not to Repair: That is The Question

Printers are the unsung heroes of the office. Paper works and other necessary documents wouldn’t be physically available if not for these bad boys. However, like all good things in the world, they encounter problems as well. When the printers are faulty, most of the time, the whole business suffers. So why live with printer problems if it makes the business suffer? The answer to this question is very obvious: it’s either you don’t know how to repair it or you don’t have the money to buy a new one. With that being said, a more difficult question arises: should I have my printer repaired or replaced? Well, it really depends. There are times when buying a new printer can cost less than repairing it. In addition to this, buying one might give you a more comprehensive warranty deal. But, this is not always the case. The best printer repair Sydney has today might provide you better options. You might still be confused and that’s perfectly fine because the purpose of this article is to clear that confusion out. So, read on.


Buying new printers also comes with new warranties. This is the primary advantage of purchasing new printers. However, there are instances where warranty cannot be applied. This usually involves parts such as print heads, ink cartridges and nozzles. There are also times that the warranty is voided due to the neglect of the owner. For example, an employee has accidentally poured water into the printer causing the printer to malfunction may deny you free service as indicated in the warranty. In addition to this, repairing it might also void the warranty. However, due to the same reason, some of the best printer repair Sydney has currently can offer lifetime servicing. They know that they are the reason for the void of the warranty, so they should find a way to work it around and make that good for you.

Turnaround time

When a multifunction printer is still in warranty, servicing is usually free. However, you might need to take it to their service center and might take several days before getting the job done. Sometimes, this can be unacceptable because you might lose profit due to back log paper works. In addition to this, these printers can be very large and bulky. Taking them to the service center might be both time consuming and tiresome. Having a third party technician do office machine repairs for you might do the trick. Not only that they can go to your office and repair it on site making you save both on time and money, but also can be very convenient for you. The trick here is to find the best printer repair Sydney has that you can trust. It might be a huge task, but getting one can cause a lot of benefits.

These are just some of the things that you should think about before deciding whether to repair or replace your printer. Weigh things properly so that regrets would be avoided in the future. Remember that your business is what is at stake here. Make sure that whichever you decide can solve the problem and can bring additional profit to your business.

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