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Learn how you can maintain your Air Conditioner

One of most expensive mistakes you can make is waiting until something goes very wrong or until the last minute to have your A/C repaired.  Just like any other appliance, the most effective method to have the best out of the air conditioner is through proper care and regular air conditioning service. Some parts of the air conditioners such as fins, coils, and filters require proper and regular cooling services Nashville has to offer, if the system is to function efficiently and effectively throughout the years. If you neglect the necessary maintenance, you will experience a steady reduction in the performance of the system and steady increase in energy usage. Below are ways in which you can maintain your air conditioner.

Air conditioner filters

Cleaning and replacing the filters of your Air conditioner is an essential air conditioning service, which will enhance your air conditioners efficiency. If the filters of the air conditioner are clogged, they block the normal airflow and lower the efficiency of the system significantly. Obstructing the normal airflow may cause the air which bypasses the filter to emit dirt inside the evaporator coil thus impairing the ability of the coil to absorb heat. You can lower the energy consumption rate of your conditioner by five to fifteen percent if you replace a clogged, dirty filter with a clean one.  For most air conditioners, the filters are usually positioned on the return ducts length. One common location of the filters is in ceilings, walls, inside the air conditioner or furnaces. For room A/Cs the filters may be mounted in the grill which faces towards the room. Certain varieties of filters are reusable, while others have to be replaced. You can find them in different efficiencies and types. During the cooling season, you should replace or clean the filters of your AC every month, or after two months. If the AC runs constantly, is subjected to a lot of dust or you have pets that bears fur in your home, the filters will require more attention.

Air conditioner coils

The condenser coil and the evaporator of the air conditioner collect a lot of dust over their years and months of service. Cleaning the filter of your air conditioner can prevent the evaporator coil from being soiled quickly. However, as times goes by, the evaporator coil will begin to collect dirt. The dust lowers the flow of air and insulates the evaporator coil thus decreasing its heat absorbing ability. You can prevent this by checking the evaporator coil every year, cleaning it in the right way and hiring Nashville cooling repair services, in case you experience any strange behavior with the evaporator coil. You should also reduce debris and dust near the condenser. Your dryer vents, lawn mower, and falling leaves are all possible sources of debris and dust. Trimming the foliage, removing any debris and cleaning the area surrounding the coil can help allow adequate flow of air around the condenser.

The above are few techniques you can use to maintain your air conditioner. In case you realize that the AC requires more than just regular air conditioning service, you should hire the best cooling repair service Nashville has to offer.  A technician who is well trained will notice and fix problems that your air conditioner might have.

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