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Discover How Moles Can Cause Skin Cancer

In the world of today, skin cancer affects many people from children to adults, making it the most common form of cancer. Accordingly, every person should visit a reliable doctor for mole check at least once in a year. A mole can be more than an aesthetic nuisance. Although they are often benign in nature, moles are very specific lesions that may require medical assessment. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a certified specialist such as experts from a skin clinic Annerley has today, to help you know if there are moles on your skin, and offer you the correct medication. Learn about how moles can cause skin cancer.

mole checkHow moles cause skin cancer

 The term mole is used generically to describe different types of spots on the skin. The spots may include beauty marks, sunspots, birthmarks, and freckles among others. At this stage, it is important to visit a reliable doctor such as aWendy Wey mole check doctor, to treat the spots before they worsen the condition of your skin. Clinically speaking, a mole is a lesion that is comprised of melanocyte cells, or cells that are responsible for producing skin pigments. When these cells multiply, benign mole, also known as secondary nevi, may form. When the growth and division of the cells become uncontrolled, a mole changes into a melanoma.

By far, the most dangerous and aggressive form of skin cancer, melanoma can be characterized by a family history of the disease, severe sunburn, excessive sun exposure overtime, and the presence of multiple moles among other factors. The greater the patient’s number of moles, the greater the skin risk of developing melanoma. People with fair complexion are also at risk of melanoma. As reliable Wendy Wey skin cancer experts suggest, the skin is classified into six types. Type one is the very fair skin that burns and never tans. If you have type one skin, which is accompanied by red or blonde hair, and blue eyes, you may require frequent dermatologic surveillance for melanoma.

Importance of mole check

Fortunately, in many cases, melanoma is treatable when found early enough. The only challenge is to detect a melanoma in its early stage before it becomes invasive. This is why it makes sense to visit a reliable cancer doctor for mole check early enough. This can help the technician figure out the best preventive or curative measure he or she can offer to you. By conducting a routine skin check, many melanomas on your skin can be easily discovered.

However, the most important factor in detecting melanoma in your skin is your instinct during self examination, along with the technician’s intuition and experience. As a general rule, you should see a doctor annually for a thorough skin examination. Patients with personal or family history of melanoma, or high-risk behavior of moles should visit their reliable doctor for at least three to six months. In addition, as previously noted, it is advisable to perform monthly skin exams at home. It is a simple and costless way to identify moles that may require additional attention. By conducting monthly skin exams at home, you can increase your chances of early detection of melanoma.

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