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Are You Facing Pressure With Your Credit Card Debts?

Are you suffering from financial stress due to credit card debts? Whenever your expenses are larger than your income, you are in for some financial difficulties and you are bound to crash at some point. Credit cards enable just about anyone to spend way more than they are actually earning.

The use of credit cards means that there is little money changing hands and thus, there is the illusion that you can afford more than you actually can in the real sense if your income is accounted for. In Australia, more than one million households are spending more than they are actually earning and a good proportion of them are currently in financial stress.

Many Australians, just like everybody else, want the best things in life and that is a fact that has also increased the credit card spending rate. Many still spend money on the most important things including basic utilities, student loans, mortgages and cars. However, credit card spending is one of the factors that has led to a drastic increase in personal debt. Many are living in the now and planning to pay later on.

How Do You Cope with the Financial Stress?

One of the best ways to reduce the financial stress that you are experiencing is by budgeting accordingly and balancing income as well as spending. There are excellent ways in which you can balance your money. One option is by increasing your income by generating new revenue sources. Alternatively, you could also do so by cutting down on your spending. The worst financial mess that you could possibly find yourself is when you are servicing your debts with the money you haven’t earned yet.

Debt Management Options

In order to manage a credit card debt that is spiraling out of control, there are ways debt management options that you could go for. One of the most preferred by Australians who have exhausted other more favourable options is proposing a debt agreement, or Part 9. Check out Debt Helpline

When it comes to money, everything is negotiable and that includes your debts. Debt agreements are about providing a solution for helping you clear your debts when you are facing financial stress.

The debt agreements only apply to your unsecured debt. These include debts such as the credit card debts, old power bills, personal loans or your school fees. When you enter into a debt agreement with your creditors, you will have the opportunity to renegotiate your debt repayments to a more manageable level. If the creditors vote to accept your proposal, it could relieve some of the financial pressure off your back although it does not do away with your obligation to make regular debt repayments. When proposing a debt agreement, you must also factor in how long it will take you to repay the debt.

You will need the services of a Debt Agreement administrator when you are planning to propose a Part 9 or Debt Agreement. They will analyze your finances and help calculate a repayment amount that will ease the pressure off your back but which is also acceptable to your creditors. They will then present that proposal to the creditors for a vote. In most cases, your lenders will accept the proposal and you could see your monthly repayment obligations dropping by as much as 70% of the current amount. For more information, visit at

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