Diamond Doctor and EGL Grading System

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Ever heard of the Diamond Doctor scam? If you saw a famous sports team endorsing a business, you would probably assume that at the very least it is a legitimate, honest business. In most cases you would probably be right. Nobody would want to attach their names or purchase from anyone who may not be honest. Unfortunately dishonest business practices are hidden at times and not everyone knows what goes on until it is uncovered. This is exactly what has been happening down in Dallas, Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys official jeweler seems to have found himself in the middle of a multiclass lawsuit. It is what is being called the Diamond Doctor Scam and is infuriating many ex-customers. The Diamond Doctor is a business down in Dallas that sells loose diamonds and jewelry. It has been in business since 2002 and just recently found itself in the middle of a lawsuit.

People are saying to avoid buying from Diamond Doctor scam overgraded diamonds. The claims are that the business has been selling over graded diamonds from diamond houses that are now defunct. The EGL or European Gemlogical Laboratory graded many of these diamonds and there is a lot of controversy surrounding this organization. First off the European gemological laboratory is a for-profit organization. The GIA and AGS are not.

When you compare the grading of the systems they are considerably different.  EGL graded is usually much higher. It was a popular grading system for a while because it was only $100 to certify per carat and was much quicker than the other services. EGL also offered a “pre-certification” service.

This meant if the jeweler did not want the results then they would only have to pay for the grading and not the certificate. The full amount is only paid if the customer okays getting the certificate. That is quite the incentive to over grade. Another thing they did was offer an in-between clarity grade of s13. They were making a lot of business but we’re also losing their reputation as reputable.

They also had a different upgrading system for the grading scale. You grade on cut, clarity, color and carat.  If GIA graded something an “I”color and a ” s12″ it would be two upgrades color plus clarity. EGL would call the same Diamond a “G” color and “SI1” clarity it would three upgrades of two color and one clarity. EGL diamonds then should go for much less than three GIA graded counterparts.

A consumer should also read the diamond Doctor Dallas reviews all over the internet. Consumer reviews are more accurate than any diamond grading facility. If somebody is taking the time to write an article detailing the good or bad experience then it must have made a big impact on them. It is never wise to buy from anywhere that has too many bad reviews. It is definitely buyer beware when you are dealing with the diamond industry and all of the dealings inside of it. When it comes down to it be careful who you buy from and don’t be ripped off by Diamond Doctor. For more details, just visit http://www.diamonddoctorovergrading.com/diamond-overgrading/

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